Unit Substations For indoor
       and outdoor applications, with
       conventional disc-wound transformers
       or cast-coil transformers for
       highest reliability.







































Metal enclosed switchgear - we design and build a complete range of
    high voltage switchgear for both indoor and outdoor applications, metal
    enclosed and metal clad, employing load interrupters and/or vacuum
    circuit breakers.
                                                 * 5 kV to 34.5 kV Class   


Dry-type Power Transformers -
* Conventional, or cast-coil type for applications requiring the highest reliability
     and to withstand difficult environments.

Liquid-filled Power Transformers -
Oil-filled or non-flammable liquid-filled.  Sealed-type or with conservators

   Switchgear protection & control -
* Microprocessor-controlled protection
         systems for high reliability/repeatability
      * Load Monitoring & Revenue Metering,
         with outputs for external computers
      * Temperature monitoring & control







Other Products -

  • Generator protection switchgear
  • Open-pit mining substations and distribution switchgear
  • Underground skid-mounted mining substations
  • Instrument Transformers to 800kV
  •  Sectionalizing Cubicles, 15kV and 25 kV
  •  Outdoor Circuit Breakers, 15kV, 25kV and 34.5 kV
  • Walk-in outdoor switchgear assemblies
  • High voltage power capacitor systems for PFC or harmonic filtering
  • Capacitor-assist motor starting systems
  • Reactors   
  • 600V switchboards
  • Medium-voltage starters
  • High-Speed Current-Limiting Systems to 3000A and 34.5kV
  • Variable-speed motor drives
  • Automatic voltage regulating transformers
  • Hydraulic turbines
  • Battery Chargers and UPS


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